OnlineCables is not e-commerce.
OnlineCables is an e-business to business solution.

Standard e-commerce companies do one of two things, they either resell a product, or provide a service. Let us examine these for a moment.
1.) Reselling a product, this is as old as civilization itself, a tried and true technique. Buy something for a dollar, sell it for two. This is the very basis of commerce, however many e-commerce companies started to run before they learned to walk. With the help of all the hype and excitement shrouding the information superhighway many companies have simply added a dot com and suddenly they are swimming in hundreds of millions of dollars. Suddenly image is EVERYTHING. What better way to build an image then through your client base? What better way to build your client base then to sell at or below cost? Thus, this path of least resistance and short sided success is the path that many companies have chosen to take. One problem, if you lose one cent on every dollar you sell and your goal is to increase sales to one million dollars a day, how long do you think you can go on throwing away $300,000.00 a month?
2.) Providing a Service, this is beyond the scope of this document.

OnlineCables is a manufacturer, we do not need to buy our products. We can sell below retailer's cost and still make a profit. We can always get you exactly what you want, because we will make your order exactly as you want it.

OnlineCables has automated the technical drawing aspect saving you the cost of a high priced

OnlineCables has automated the entire ordering process saving your buyers time.

OnlineCables is an internet based company saving us money on overhead, and allowing us to pass those savings on to you.

OnlineCables is the wave of the future.