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MCX RT Male with Hardening on the crimp/ Solder attachment 2X wall Shrink use on the SS-405, RG-316, RG-178 only The MCX up to 6 GHz. Working Voltage up to 335 vrms, Body Brass per QQ-B-626 center contact gold plated. Manufacturer Amphenol (NYSE:APH)

Mil-C-17, Jacket tin plated aluminum (easy flex) semi-rigid coaxial cable. This cable features the highest level of shielding in the industry (>110dB) and a 50Ω impedence (insertion loss at 20 GHz 0.7 dB per FT)

SMA Female 50Ω impedance MIL-STD 39012 interface, Body Brass per QQ-B-626, Contact Beryllium copper per QQ-S-764 Gold Plated. Dielectric Withstand voltage 1000v rms, Peak voltage 375v Dielectric PTFE Manufacturer Amphenol (NYSE:APH)